Arbitrary Dissent

If you delve deep enough, everything we perceive as a continuous flow or movement becomes quantifiable. With sufficient electrical resistance, the current in a copper wire can be slowed down to almost a complete halt. At that point, it becomes possible to count the number of electrons passing through in each moment. The analog nature of the flow transforms into something discrete, digital.

For Andreas, the universe is composed of pixels, small ones, and bigger ones. In his world, the properties of life are distinct spatial resolutions, different levels of precision, and a wide range of spectral lines. Humans operate on different frequencies and emit unique heat signatures. His collages portray themes of migration, tumultuous seas, delicate landscapes inhabited by characters who often appear overwhelmed, misplaced geometries, and above all else, warmth and affection. When the signal is seemingly drowning in its surrounding noise, he finds a way to light up his subjects and helps them rise.

As you take in Arbitrary Dissent, you cannot help but feel drawn into his unique vision. You witness the distress endured by individuals forced to abandon their homes or confront uncertain futures. However, amidst this turmoil, there is always an incredible amount of hope: love persists even in the darkest moments.

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