The Many Hats
He's Wearing
A Quest for Architecture in Everything &
Seemingly Endless Amounts of Time
By Andreas Randow

Hi there!

There isn't really a simple answer to what I do for a living. I am a software architect, solution provider, designer, programmer, UX/UI guy, a startup advisor, consultant, a photographer, and a lover of the Oxford comma. 

I am getting excited by elegant solutions to complex challenges and small but powerful development teams.

Hi there!

So what exactly do you do
for a living?

Free Advice

You built something? It solves a problem. Great. You think you understand your market. Do you?

Let's figure out together where you're at and what needs to be done to turn your product into a functioning company. Open Office Hours at Venture Cafe in Kendall Square.

Venture Café

Advising the startup
community in Cambridge

Enterprise Hat

mondCloud™ is a premium provider of mission critical enterprise solution-building tools & infrastructure. Our motto is: Enterprise Deserves Better.

Check out my work at mondCloud™

Enterprise Hat

Check out my work on
Robotic Process Automation at mondCloud

The Many Hats
He's Wearing
A Quest for Architecture in Everything &
Seemingly Endless Amounts of Time
By Andreas Randow


SaaS Software Architecture Business Planning Startups Big Data Deep Learning AI Data Acquisition Imaging  Scalability Marketing Design  Go-To-Market Strategies

Funnel Hat

Wearing my funnel hat as a member of the screening committee for the Investors Collaborative, an angel investment group in Boston with 50+ members.

The Funnel Hat

My engagement with
the Investors Collaborative

Looking For

I am always looking to work with entrepreneurs who know what they are doing.

I like to join teams as a VP of Technology, VP of Engineering, CTO, CPO, or CEO for businesses that are 0-4 years old. There are plenty of possibilities within my network.

Sleuthing Hat

What I am looking for

Proper Orange

Proper Orange is comprised of a dozen business & technology experts who deliver company building as a service (CBaaS).

Each with years of C-level experience, the company’s principals never lost their passion for doing the work or the desire to delve into the nitty-gritty.

The Proper Orange
Business Hat

This is where we take companies
to scale. Best team ever!

Not Looking For

Don't send me resumes, I wouldn't know what to do with them. Also I am not a venture capitalist.

If your business idea is in stealth mode, I probably won't be able to help you. Communicating your idea is key, so if you want to hide, I can't help you.

The Dark Side Helmet

It's not technically a hat,
I am not looking for these things

Andreas is entertaining and a delight to work with on a personal level, too, even though he would have every right to be a prima donna. He does an excellent job communicating expectations, is methodical and organized, and I'd place him in the top 5% of IT professionals with whom I've worked.
Jarrett Collins
Director of Special Projects at Partners In Health

Schools in Cambodia

Sustainable Schools International (SSI) invests in sustainable education for rural economic development in Cambodia.

We partner with government schools and build social entrepreneurs and leaders.

Sustainable Education Hat

See what I am doing with
Sustainable Schools International
in Cambodia


Applying to College?

It's another CTO hat I am wearing. 

Need help with your college application? Inline® is basically like Turbo Tax for the college application.

Applying to College?

Need some help with your college
application? Wearing the CTO hat at inline™

Camera Hat

If I am not terribly busy inventing, programming, consulting, or designing, I like to spend some time behind the camera.

Camera Hat

Would love to spend more time
behind the camera.

Baseball Helmet

Not playing ... definitely not playing. But I am building some really cool baseball tech over at Realplay™

The Baseball Helmet

Nope ... not playing ...
but rather building some cool baseball tech

Andreas has a rare gift for finding the right technical solution that will “kill two (or more) birds with one stone,” enabling lean businesses to deliver value beyond what conventional planning methods would suggest their resources should be capable of. His blend of technical mastery, strong work ethic, artistic and creative talents makes him a technical leader I value highly and would want to include in any venture.
Bob Levy
Founding President Emeritus, Boston Product Management Association

Fresh Pond Walks

I love to walk. I love to talk about innovation. I like to give advice outside of meeting rooms. Let's walk together.

Business Challenge Walks

Get some decent free advice
while walking around Fresh Pond

Gender Balance

If you would like me to spend some time on a panel, please make sure it's not an all male panel.

If you don't know how to find women that can speak to any topic, check out Bobbie Carlton's wonderful organization.

So Done With All Male Panels

If you want to invite me to speak on
your panel, please make sure it's not all male

Flight Simulator

At some point in my life I made a living building flight simulators. Now it's just a hobby I only occasionally find time for.

Desktop Pilot Hat

I wish I had more time
for my flight simulator

Everything Andreas does he does with incredible flair, skill, humor, and elegance.
Steve Bayle
Mentor at MIT Mentoring Service

Hell ... no!

I am not wearing this one. I have to go with Mencken on this one, who defined Puritanism as the haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy.

I want everyone to be happy.


After years of refusing to join Twitter, I have finally given in. So if you don't mind strong opinions, feel free to follow me.

The Bird Got A Hat, Too

There's a lot of us here that are birds, man.
We all need to just fly.
Travis Scott

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